Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hot new arrivals!

These just in! Muchas gracias, mi querida Ana! 
She blogs at The World at Your Hands. These postcards cheered me up :) 
 многу ти благодарам!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Home, sweet home

Quick post - a picture of our new house.

It's a lovely, traditional Khmer wooden house that was just vacated by its previous tenants. My husband and I found it fortuitously while we were at the end of our rope in search for a new place. The house is located in Boeung Tumpun area, south of the city, tucked in a leafy neighbourhood with small roads and a mix of apartments and dainty wooden houses. It is very old and basic but just oozing with character. We know right away that this will be a nice home.

There were some furniture left by the previous tenants which the landlord and his wife offered to us to use. I was amazed at how much was left - dining table and chairs, washing machine, wooden beds, fans, a fancy electric guitar with 8 string cobalt (which is now in the possession of the landlord's teenaged son) and many more.

We moved in on New Year's eve and, although we have not moved in completely, we love the fact that the we are getting enough sleep and rest and relaxation in this place.

Also posting stamps here

This blog is supposed to purely for postcards that I received via Postcrossing, direct swaps, or sent by friends and family. Since these postcards have stamps affixed to them, and the numbers are increasing even though I have another blog exclusively for stamps, I decided to feature some of them here, not only for Sunday Stamps but any given day.

So to begin, I'd like to share this stamp from Turkey:
The stamp shows the Turkish people in traditional Turkish costumes celebrating the 800th birth anniversary of Haci Bektaş Veli, a renowned figure in the history and culture of both the Ottoman Empire and the modern-day Turkey. Music is a big part in most holidays and festivals in Turkey. Back in the day, the whole community gathered around in dancing and singing. These days, I suppose a lot of younger people enjoy music played on a rca mp3 player but the traditional music still lives on.
Images by Freepik