Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sunday Stamps 090: Chocolove Stamp

Now, now, I'm back again.
Please forgive me for being an irregular blogger.
I may have all the time in the world since quitting work. The truth is a lot and nothing have happened. Please excuse the babbling.

This week's theme is anything you wish, according to Viridian. Not sure if this is acceptable, but here goes...

A very dear friend sent me this, among other things, for my birthday earlier this year.

Love at first sight! There's also a lovely poem inside.

I fell in love with the packaging instantly - it resembles an envelope with a classic love poem inside. With the accompanying stamp (featuring the prized hazelnuts of Oregon) and postmark, it looks like it's been sent by a lover from a land far, far away (California, USA, in this case)!

It's a good chocolate bar with chunky bits of organic hazelnuts. It is truly a lovely combination of chocolate and love, and a wonderful birthday present to receive.

I admit my post is a "stretch" but I will make up for it in the following weeks :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. well if you ask me its a very interesting diversion! i'd most definately keep the wrapping :)

  2. Now that is the type of 'post' I like. What a lovely birthday surprise.

  3. Just right for anyone nuts about chocolate.

  4. Sure, it fits into our theme! I like their "stamp".
    Thanks for participating.

  5. I like unusual things like that.


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