Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hey, hey, hey!

Hello, blog. It's been a long while.
It's been --- what -- nearly two months. Gosh.

Welcome to Banlung, Ratanakiri!
For those not in the know, I got a job in August and since then, I've been busy with the surgical missions - two times already - pre and post-mission preparations as well as the mission itself that lasts at least 5 days, not including the travel time. What an international volunteer remarked the other day is so true - mission coordinators do not have a life at all. We don't have enough sleep, we don't eat when not everyone hasn't eaten yet, and we do not have a night life. Good luck to me next year then.

Now that we just wrapped up our most recent surgical mission in Banlung, Ratanakiri province, I am swamped with paper works. My back aches from too much slouching in front of the computer, typing out reports and letters and other stuff. My eyes and head hurt from too much staring at the computer monitor. Gah.

One time I allowed lazy self to take over and wandered over the Internet. I got hooked in the online buy and sell group of expats here in the Penh. There's so much going on - from selling (and buying) home and office items, to musical instruments. I didn't know a lot that there's a lot of music enthusiasts in the expat community as there are lots of electric guitars, drum sets, sound systems - what is a budda amp, by the way?

Anyways, going back. My postcard-swapping activities will resume shortly. Just allow me to wallow in idleness for a while just because... I think I deserve to, considering the stressful mission that I just been to.
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