Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Stamps 089: Into the wild we go


The title of my post this week reminds of this movie of the same title that I watched a long time ago. It's a true story of a young American, freshly graduated from university and abandons his material possessions to live in the wilderness. It's a heart-wrenching story.

Anyways, I digress.

My entries for this week come from Malaysia.

First up is the Korean tiger, Panthera tigris altaica, and is the largest tiger subspecies that is found from Russia to Korea. This stamp is one of the two issued in 2010 by Pos Malaysia to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Malaysian-South Korean diplomatic relations.
I love the neat postmark! It's mailed from Butterworth in Penang, Malaysia!

The other tiger subspecies featured in this commemorative issue, the Panthera tigris jacksoni, is the smallest tiger subspecies confined to Peninsular Malaysia. The stamp set is beautiful and the issuing date coincided also with the Year of the Tiger. South Korean also issued the same design of tiger stamps on the same day. See the set below:
Source: Pos Malaysia

I have two more stamps, as you can see on the left. On top is a stamp showing a teludu, also known as the Malay badger, stink or skunk badger common in Borneo's wild. This stamp is from the nocturnal animals series issued by Pos Malaysia in 2008.

What's more interesting is that the stamps from this series are glow-in-the-dark! Unfortunately for me, I didn't know it right from the day I received it. I learned about this only now while researching for some info. I'll try it tonight and let you know if it indeed glows in the dark :)

The stamp at the bottom features a burung pikau, or the Asian blue quail, Coturnix chinensis, and is a part of the same family as the pheasants Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. This stamp was part of the fauna series issued in 2001.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Postcard Friendship Friday 089: Shepherds

From the beautiful country of Romania:
This is actually a Touchnote postcard sent to me by Danut - he blogs at World, Come to my Home - and it features the shepherds of Răchitova (Hațeg county) in full traditional costume. They look very well-dressed as shepherds, do they? I also noticed the man on the right has a woolly vest.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Stamps 088: Centenary or centennial?


They both have the same meaning but the former is used in the UK and the latter in the USA. Anyhoo, here's one of my favourite mini sheets sent to me several years ago from the beautiful city of Talinn.

Celebrating the Centenary of Estonia's National Opera

Issued by Eesti Post in 27 March 2006, the mini sheet features stamps with perforations running to the edge of the sheet. Featured are the drawings of the Estonia theatre and concert building (Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn) and what could possibly be the present-day Estonia's National Opera in the centre, costume designs for Evald Aav's opera Vikerlased (Vikings) on the left with its musical notes providing the background of the mini sheet, and on the right is Estonian ballerina Helmi Puur in Tchaicovsky's Swan Lake.

Estonia's National Opera was opened in 1906, first as a professional theatre called Estonia, founded by the directors and actors Paul Pinna and Theodor Altermann. Initially offering mainly drama, the theatre gradually opened its doors to musical productions. The Estonia theatre and concert building was completed in 1913 but was destroyed in an air raid by the Soviets in 1944. It was later reopened in 1947 after the war and, in 1998, was renamed the Estonian National Opera. (Source) The ceiling was painted in the style of Socialist Realism. Now, I'm curious to see what that looks like.

Postcard Friendship Friday 088: Visiting Angkor Wat during the rainy season

Here's a view of the Angkor Wat during the rainy season. Rain or shine, visitors still flock to see this World Heritage Site in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I've been to Angkor Wat many times already but  they were during the hot, dry summer season. I would love to visit during the monsoon season when, according to friends, the landscape is more lush, and the temples look their best - the colours and hues are richer, the trees around them are greener and the weather cooler due to regular downpours.

Postcard above courtesy of my friend at Inside Cambodia Postcards.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Stamps 087: Live Healthy stamp from Romania


Here's a colourful stamp from Romania from its "Live Healthy" stamp series issued in 2012:

The Live Healthy stamp series, issued in May 2013, is a reminder of sorts and an invitation to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Shown on the stamps are grapes, tomatoes, peach and garlic.

Aren't they pretty? Bright reds, yellow, oranges, blacks and whites - my scanner didn't do justice to the stamp, my apologies.

The vegetables and fruits above have more to offer than their pretty colours - they are loaded with vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body and mind. So let's keep it in our minds, think rainbow when it comes to choosing what fruits and veggies to eat :)

Mulțumesc, Danut!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Howdy, friends!

Girl Power!
I had a long period of absence from blogging on this site due to some personal matters. If truth be told, I actually have lots of scanned postcards and stamps as well as several blog posts waiting to get published but haven't had the time. Apart from that, I have several swap requests that are put on hold. I hope you understand my situation.

And so, besides the new apartment, I also got myself a new job after -- what - some 100 years? Just kidding about the number of years but you get the picture. During the years I was out of work, I tried hard to be a Home Biz Mama or simply a home-based wife but it's really not my forte. So when this job reached my attention, I had to grab that opportunity right away. And I thought that was the hard part. I was wrong.

Snagging the job is just the beginning. Making it out alive and whole on the first day of work is another story. Being the "new girl" on my first day of work, I was just a bundle of nerves! Imagine, after many years of idleness, I'm thrown into the lion's pit again, hahaha. But yeah, I was nervous, but I made it out alive, hahaha. Now I'm on my second week and I think I'm slowling getting into the groove. Besides, being the "new girl" is fun!

Photo Source

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Stamps 086: Seychelles bare-legged scops-owl


Hello everyone. I've been away from Sunday Stamps for a very long time and here I am again joining in the fun! My stamps came from the beautiful islands of Seychelles:
The Seychelles Scops-Owl (Otus insularis) was featured in the souvenir sheet issued in 2001 in celebration of Birdlife's World Bird Festival. The complete sheet includes 5 pieces of stamps each with the same value of R3. On the sheet, it shows the logo of Birdlife International as well as well as the logo of the 2001 Birdlife World Bird Festival.

The Seychelles scops-owl is found only in Morne Seychellois National Park. This species also known as bare-legged scops-owl is a rare scops owl species. In 2002, the scops-owl species was listed as critically endangered species by the IUCN. Here's the souvenir sheet.

It reaches a length between 19-22 cm. The wings are about 17cm. Its plumage is rufous brown and exhibits  black shaft streaks. The long grey legs are unfeathered - hence the nickname bare-legged scops-owl.  The eyes are large and golden yellow. The ear tufts are very small. Its call which sounds like a rasping "whaugh" with various "tok tok" notes can be heard from a far distance and in particular in the darkness. Its diet consists of geckos, tree frogs and insects (e.g. locusts).

Additional info and photo of the souvenir sheet from this site and about the scops-owl here.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sundown or sunup?

That is a good question.  Posting again one of my favourite Angkor Wat postcards -

I have always loved sunset and sunrise views. However, just by looking at this postcard, we can not determine whether it is a sunset or a sunrise. Maybe other readers know?

I love the silhouette of the temple, its reflection on the water, and the colours. It gives it an enigmatic air to the temple. Don you think so?

Please excuse the shoddy quality of the photo. My scanner is old and needs replacement. Not too urgent a need but will find a replacement soon.

As an aside, I wonder if anyone can give me any idea about portable pa system? My husband's looking for a pa system that he can use for his English class. He is teaching public speaking and needs something to use in the classroom for better listening experience. His students have prepared really good speeches; some had even incorporated background music and some sound effects. I've heard them practice and it would be a shame if the sound fails them on their presentation day. My husband had already read some reviews on the classic jbl eon 210p portable pa system 10" 2-way reviews at guitar center but he needs more inputs from others before making a decision. I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

Postcard Friendship Friday 087: Angkor Wat and a pond of lotus flowers

I've been away from Postcard Friendship Friday (again) and from the Internet in general. Here I am trying to make another comeback. I hope friends at PFF will fill still find their way to my blog. I recently received a swap request and the swapper was very specific about the postcard she wanted. She saw this from someone's site and asked me to if I could find a copy.

Of course, I can find this one! I even helped a friend who was looking for an electric ukulele for his son's music talent show in school. I have this knack for finding things. The photo above is of the world-famous Angkor Wat. It's one of my favourite views of the temple. It was probably photographed during the height of the rainy season when the ponds in front of the temple are filled with water and lotuses grow in no time. However, I do think this is photo-shopped because the pond there is not as large as this one. But still it is a nice postcard.

Anyhoo, this one's already on its way... so watch out for it, friend :)

Just an update.

I'm still here, alive and kicking!
As I've mentioned in my previous posts, changes were to happen this year. First, we acquired a lease for another apartment somewhere southeast of the city, close to the banks of the Mekong. We didn't actually move there to live but we planned it as a - sort of - weekend rest-house.

Second, I got a new job and a full-time one. It's something that I want to do for a long time to keep me from moping around the house. My skills are put to use again and I feel productive and useful to society. Besides, I could use extra moolah for shopping since my nephews and nieces have been hinting for some cool halloween party stuff for they saw while browsing at dept 56 halloween. But I don't think their Grandma (my mum) is too happy about them asking me frequently, hihihi. But most importantly, I now have some moolah to continue collecting and swapping postcards with you again! Win-win, isn't it?

Speaking of swaps, I decided to accept some offers but to selected ones. This week, I'm sending these to the Netherlands in exchange for San Marino and Vatican City postcards:

A lesser-known temple in Angkor Wat.

Preah Vihear self-made maxicard2
A self-made maxicard. But I'm sending a postcard without the stamp.

The swapper is going for a holiday in these places and I could not really resist as I have no postcards from San Marino yet (I have only one from the Vatican City).

Images by Freepik