Saturday, 18 May 2013

Postcard Friendship Friday 086: Life in Cambodian countryside

Hello. I'm back. I haven't been participating in our meme because I've been lending a hand to my husband getting stuff for his class and I recently snagged another short term project. I'm pretty much finished with the project while my husband has almost covered everything except for an interactive whiteboard. What is an interactive whiteboard, by the way? I only know of regular whiteboards. Sorry about the blabber. On to my postcard entry.

Sorry about the blabber. On to my postcard entry. 

This is actually a harvest scene. The verdant ricefields have turned to golden brown, signifying the rice crops have ripened. In Cambodia, most of the farmers harvest their crop manually for they could not afford to buy (or rent) machineries. 

Harvest time is actually the busiest and the merriest time of the year in rural Cambodia. Farmers enlist the help of neighbours - men, women, and even children - to help them in the fields. It is a back-breaking work under the sun but people are happy. At the end of the day, a feast is shared by everyone at the house of the farmer. 

Here in the postcard you can see rice being transported from the fields by ox-carts. Traditionally, the farmers burn the rice stalks and leave it there to fallow.

Kampong Cham province is about 124kms east of Cambodia, on the central lowlands and the mighty Mekong River runs through it. It is the second most populous province in the country and is the hometown of the current Cambodian Prime Minister.

Images by Freepik