Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunday Stamps 078: Amber marimba


I come from a country known to produce fantastic singers worldwide. If I remember it right, the American talk show host Ellen Degeneres once declared on twitter that some of the best singers she knows come from the Philippines

Sad to say, I am one of those unfortunate souls who don't have any musical gene in my DNA. I love and appreciate good music, don't get me wrong. But please don't make me sing. My talent for singing is best hidden,lol. When it comes to music, I prefer instrumentals such as esp acoustic guitars but I also love the classic, oldies but goodies kind of stuff. 

Now, why am I talking about music stuff? Well, guess what, I have a stamp from Mexico that was on a postcard that mi querida amiga Ana sent to me. It features one of Mexico's traditional musical instrument, a theme that I like.

The stamp features the Mexican amber marimba from the amber collection of the Museo del Ámbar de Chiapas.
A marimba is a musical instrument, usually made of wood, from the percussion family that was developed in the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico and northern Guatemala. The marimba is said to be a "descendant" of sorts of the instrument called balafon used by the African slaves in Central America. (Source: Wikipedia)

I've never seen a marimba before but I think it resembles a xylophone and a traditional Khmer xylophone made of bamboo called roneath. According to marimba sites, they sound lower and richer than a xylophone.

I found a video on youtube that demonstrates how a marimba is played and how it sounds like. Enjoy the marimba music!


  1. The marimba always seems to make a happy sound!

  2. Ive been spared the music genes in my DNA too amiga...though i wish i could play the guitar and sing along :)
    And im so happy to see this stamp being featured today! im honored! ¡gracias querida!
    btw, I love the sound of marimba...feels so tender...

  3. Love a marimba, I always find it fascinating to watch the sticks, especially on the clip with one one playing the base and never moving while the other is all energy up and down the scale.

  4. I've seen a marimba being played in Mexico City but non-musical me just thought it was a xylophone. I came across an instrument I had never heard of before on my Basutoland stamps however you cannot se it a clearly as the marimba on your atamp

  5. A marimba has a lovely sound. Thank you for participating this week!!!

  6. I used to have a recording of the Baja Marimba Band.

  7. i've loved this instrument ever since i was a child :)

  8. I'm like you, no musical DNA. :) In fact, I'm probably worse than you are because I'm so tone deaf I can't even recognise many tunes. But I do appreciate the lovely stamp!


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