Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sunday Stamps 075: Santa Claus is in town! (and other Christmas stamps)


Hello everybody! These days we are enjoying a sunny but cool weather here in the city. It's definitely a welcome change! 

Although we are not officially celebrating Christmas in Phnom Penh, a lot of establishments as well as (expat) homes are decorated for the holiday. While looking around a local market and stopping by to check some metal cabinets for sale (for my postcards, stamps and what-nots!), I noticed that a "Merry Christmas" sign was up and one or two salespersons were wearing a Santa hat! Clearly, we are all feeling the holiday fever here. 

Which brings me now to my stamps for this week. First up from Portugal featuring the bearded and red-suited Santa Claus holding a present with one of his reindeers.

I hope Santa Claus won't forget to drop by the southern Philippines. That region was recently hit by  Typhoon Bopha and  the children need some cheering up!

The stamp is one of the 6 stamps of the Natal set issued by Correios de Portugal in 2009. According to, this set of Christmas stamps were original graphic designs reflecting Christmas exchanging of gifts and/or gift-giving tradition. 

Just a thought. I find stamps featuring children's drawings of Santa Claus (or any other drawings) the most endearing and creative ones. I don't know why. Maybe there is something special and magical about the way children see Santa Claus (or other subjects, in general) and that is, somehow, translated onto their drawings. I do not own stamps with Santa Claus drawn by children but I want to have some, of course.

I have two more Christmas stamps from New Zealand and Croatia, respectively:

Above is one of the five Christmas stamp set issued in New Zealand in 2011.
The Christmas stamp from NZ portays the Nativity scene, a Christian story told countless times from generations to generations all over the world. Here in the stable, Mary and Joseph cradling  the Infant Jesus who was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I love looking at the adoring gaze of Mary and Joseph. I also love the metallic colour incorporated in the dominantly blue theme.

And last but not the least, a Christmas stamp featuring one of Croatia's greatest painters ever.

"Christmas Tree", 1942, oil on paper by Emanuel Vidović (1870 – 1953). The stamp was issued in a 20stamp-sheet along with a self-adhesive 10-stamp booklet and a First Day Cover in 2008.
Christmas has been a source of inspiration to many artists. It is the most wonderful time of the year, in my opinion. Families gather, forgive each other and renew ties, and celebrate the real reason for the season.
"With a flickering Christmas tree in the middle, with the most beautiful meal of dreams on the table, with good, tame and patient things, with the chairs facing us and awaiting us, Emanuel Vidović reminds us that our home is the church." - Hrvatske Pošte 
And on this note, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Feliz Natal! Joyeux Noël! Sretan Božić! Maligayang Pasko. Среќен Божиќ. Craciun Fericit! ¡Feliz Navidad!

May we all remember the reason for our celebration this coming Christmas.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Stamps 074: Christmas stamps for TB


It's less than ten days before Christmas and the mere thought of it makes me homesick, especially that our theme for this week is Christmas/holiday stamps. Missing my family and our Christmas celebration back home *sniff*

I want to share with you a quaint sheet of 50th  anniversary Christmas Seal stamps from South Africa that was issued in 1979.

So many interesting stuff here in the stamps.

"Kersfees" and "Kersmis" means Christmas and/or Christmas feast/celebration in Afrikaans.

I also notice the presence of double red cross printed in all of the stamps. Turns out this is the Cross of Lorraine, which is the symbol of France. It was also adapted by the Tuberculosis (TB) Society as its worldwide emblem for many, many years. So, if my understanding is right, these stamps were sold to support the TB Society.

I actually have a complete sheet but the lower half is not in good shape as the stamps are glued to a paper. It was like already like that when I got them. I do not even want to try peeling them off one by one lest I might totally destroy the stamps. I guess you could say that the person who sent them to me are not exactly collectors but they're very good friends of mine who surprised me with this from their holiday in South Africa. I'm very grateful for friends like them! Maraming salamat, Fe and Tony.

To those who are interested this is the complete set:

Photo of stamp from

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dumb ways to die - a public safety campaign in Australia

Has anyone came across this jingle already?

Sweet macaroons, I could not get it out of my head. The lyrics are just playfully foolish and catchy, the animation is cute but violent (in my opinion, it does bring home the message). It's been playing over and over in head and I am in a state of constant humming the chorus since the first time I heard this jingle. I recorded it hastily in my trusty portable recorder, not exactly a new one and not like the best best h4n available in the market but it does the job, thank you very much.

So what do you think of the jingle? It's a part of a larger campaign of Melbourne Metro to promote rail safety.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Midweek Mails: Postcards for 12-12-12

Now I can finally rest my right arm, take out the djarum from my husband's stash and pretend to smoke it to celebrate the 20th postcard I finished writing tonight. Why the fuss? Well, writing postcards non-stop is NO joke! Also, tomorrow is December 12, 2012. That means 12-12-12, an auspicious date for some peope (especially to get married) and a once-in-a-lifetime event that most postcards and stamps collector are looking forward to.

So first thing in the morning tomorrow, this lot will be delivered, by yours truly, to the Post Office.

Hello, World! These postcards will be on their way to their destinations tomorrow.  I also have one packet going out to that nice lady in Poland.

I don't know how much all these cost - and I dare not to think about it - but still I'm happy to be able to send them out. They're for friends who have been really good to me, sending me postcards and stuff without being prompted to. Most of them don't know they'll be receiving a postcard with the unique "12-12-12" postmark so... ssshhhh. This is going to fun! :) I just hope that the Post Office won't mess things up! Even if it means that I queue for a long time at the PO I will do so just to get a nice, clear hand stamp.

I find it fun when it comes to choosing a postcard that would best fit the person I'm sending it to. Besides reading their profiles, I also put myself in the shoes of the receiver with the main thought in my mind: would I be excited to receive this postcard? Only then I'd pick the card if the answer is positive. I'm a chatty person so it is no surprise that I've got a lot written on the back of the postcard, hah!

If you're from the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, the USA, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Poland, France, Isle of Man, Macedonia and Romania (gah, that was a long list!) and have been in constant communication with me, then one of these is yours. I wish I could send all of those who approached me for one but I am really sorry that I could not for budgetary reasons.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Midweek Mails: From the US of A

This week's Midweek Mails (yup, I'm posting early this week) came from the United States of America - one from the state of New Jersey and the other from Maryland.

I actually received this some weeks ago but hadn't posted yet. When I went to the Post Office,  I was expecting mails from companies where I requested brochures for computer packages but got more than what I asked for. The brochures also contained prices for wholesale printer services, lol.

It was actually a nice surprise to pick the mails that came from my US-based Miss Igorota sisters at the same time although they were sent separately and at different instances. I received a cute Halloween card from NJ and kawaii goodies from Maryland. Also in the same packet from Maryland is this gorgeous vintage necklace that I won from a blog giveaway promo and which I really like. Thanks Conell and Karen!

Postcard Perfect 055: The Return of the King of Clay

Postcard Perfect New

It's been a long while since I last participated here at Postcard Perfect. But, as always, I make sure to come back whenever I can. Great thing that today isn't as busy as it was in the past months.

Everyone's busy making their wishlist now. I'm one of them. You know what I've been meaning to buy for myself? What's on top of my list is a brand new speaker stands. And why you might ask? Well, it's only 35 days to go before the Australian Open... aaaaand... it's because this guy is coming back to the professional tennis tour after being sidelined for many months due to injury... 
Muchas gracias mi querida. Rafa es el mejor tenista!
Rafael Nadal. More than six months of being off court, I sure wouldn't want to watch his much-anticipated comeback match only to be marred by a lousy sound system. 

This a Touchnote card sent to me by mi querida Ana. And you know how we both love seeing Rafa like this smiling, relaxed, oh-so-guapo! And don't get me started on that dimples!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Just a wishful thinking...

Eversince the month of December started, I began feeling homesick and weepy. Maybe it's the sentimental Christmas songs, or, my hormones. Or both! This feeling worsens every time I see my sister's photos on Facebook. Last week she posted a set of photos of their apartment all looking festive and Christmassy

It's been twelve years... since I last celebrated Christmas with my parents. That long, eh? I was doing okay this week when, again, my sister posted a picture of her son in front of their Christmas tree, playing a psr s910 from guitar center.  

He looks every inch a rockstar, doesn't he?
Just kidding about the guitar but it sure looks like one of them. My nephew loves guitars and drums. I don't know where he got that because we are not exactly musically-inclined in the family. When he was two years old he surprised everyone at home when he showed off his air guitar skills! To those who don't know, it's like playing the guitar but without the guitar, hahaha. Awesome, huh?

How I miss him and the two little munchkins (my nieces, his cousins). It's been awhile since I last saw them. They only see me make faces (they love me for that!) on webcam these days and they blow me virtual kisses in return. Sweet. I should work on our schedule to visit them soon.

Sunday Stamps 073: Dolphins of Cambodia


How are you all, dear friends? I hope you are all fine --- Christmas is around the corner! I'm sure you all are getting ready.

As for us here, it's same old-same oldThis year, my husband and I decided that this year we won't be putting up our Christmas tree again (second time in a row) and we will forego the traditional exchanging of gifts and Christmas dinner in deference to my fellow Filipinos who were recently devastated by Typhoon Bopha. My only wish for Christmas is for them to be able to pull through this crisis.

Okay, on to the stamps.
My entry this week for Sunday Stamps are local issues featuring five dolphin species found in Cambodia:

All of these stamps (above and below) were issued in 2006 under the Fish category. A glaring mistake, as spotted by  avid philatelists. Dolphins are mammals, not fish. These are dolphin species found in Cambodia, above, from left: the Chinese white dolphins (500r), the finless porpoise (900r), and the Arabian long-beaked dolphins (1,400r).
 The dwarf-spinner dolphins, left; and the Indo-Pacific bottle-nose dolphins, right.

According to Cambodia Philately, there are other errors made in these particular stamps.I wonder how these details weren't immediately seen by the Post Office staff before it went to printing. Perhaps it's time they should consider hiring a consultant, to check for errors such as stated above as well as have an eye for detail. As most of the stamps of Cambodia are printed in Vietnam, the printing company should consider using some kind of a web to print software solutions that will help them check  for any errors in the copy before printing.

For more about the errors, please check this blog post by Cambodia Philately

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Stamps 072: Stamps for children's causes

Today I have two stamps that bear advocacy messages concerning children. They were posted in my old blog and I'm re-posting them  here since they pretty much fit the theme this week.

First up is a stamp from Down Under. It is one of the five stamps issued by the New Zealnd Post in 2006 in support of the global health campaign "5+ a day". Showing sliced kiwi fruit in a stamp from the land of the Kiwis,  the stamp is being used by the NZ Government to encourage young and old alike to eat five or more servings of colourful fruits and vegetables everyday.

Kiwi fruit on a stamp from Kiwi country. Isn't this a great way to spread the word ?

The second stamp came from the United Nations Postal Administration in New York sent by my good friend Conniechiwa of the blog Writings on the Wall.  The stamp was issued in September 2008 under the theme "We Can End Poverty" depicting the winning artworks of children in the art competition sponsored by the UN's Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

I am a fan of children's art and I could not believe that the artwork on this stamp was  a child's work. What an immense talent this kid has!

The  theme of the competition was "We Can End Poverty"  and it was held as part of the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and the end of the First Decade for the Eradication of Poverty.

Images by Freepik