Thursday, 28 June 2012

Postcard Friendship Friday 073: Jerusalem, the Holy Land

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After more than three long weeks of being offline, I'm slowly getting back into the blogging groove again. Is it just me, but, those three weeks fell like eternity without the Internet.

As my comeback entry to Postcard Friendship Friday, I'm featuring this:
Jerusalem is a spiritual centre, holy to three religious faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I'm waiting for my chance to get a glimpse, with my own two eyes, of what's inside this ancient walled city.

Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel (not recognised internationally), is the oldest, most significant, and holiest of all holy cities/lands in the world.

Although with a long, troubled history, the little girl in me knows Jerusalem as the land of Jesus, a land that I read only about  in the Holy Bible... and to visit and see it in person must  be an unbelievable experience!
In no other single place can you find such a concentration of sites sacred to not just one, but three major world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. This compact ancient city, surrounded by a 465-year old wall, and home to one that is among the holiest of Jewish sites, never fails to amaze visitors with the extraordinary religious history contained – and very much alive – within. - Guide to Israel

It's a dream of mine to visit Israel in the future, Jerusalem especially. I was raised a Catholic and, although I'm not really a church-goer or religious, I have this fascination towards places of historical significance.

דאנק איר, מיריאַם.

Thank you, Miriam.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Back online again

Wow,  it's been three weeks since my last post. We experienced a major kink with our Internet service provider and, unfortunately, had to temporarily terminate their service until things got sorted out. 

We sought the service of another ISP, this time an ADSL connection, from a supposedly the best ISP provider in Cambodia. But imagine our surprise and shock at how their technicians wired our Internet at home:

 This was exactly how it was left by the darn technicians. On the right, without the black tape. HTC - High Tech Cambodia. Oh, dear.
In case you are wondering, the connection is just baaaaad. What can you expect? The connection was dropping out completely within minutes of connection. So we refused the service - as we customers have the right to do so - but the staff won't give back our deposit even if we called it off on the very first day of the contract. They can shove the deposit down their - uhm - throats 'coz we ain't paying for a sh*tty service.

Three weeks without Internet seemed like three years, lol. To tell you honestly, I was restless at that time and couldn't stay still. I pored over craft books to see what I could do or make while waiting to be re-connected to the Net. There were lots of great stuff there including painting leather. It's a good thing though that my husband recently bought us a Singer sewing machine so it kept me busy all this time. Here's some photos I took:

Vintage sewing machines for sale around Psah O'Russei (O'Russei Market).

Learning the basics using paper (at first).

Then on to the fabric.

So far, I have already hemmed a five-meter curtain and two three-meter sofa covers. That saved me about $40, the amount I would've paid a costurera here in the Penh. But don't you all worry, I will still be collecting postcards and stamps and, of course, be engaging in swaps (albeit selectively).

Images by Freepik