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6 Responses to Sunday Stamps 054: Giant desert ant

  1. Postcardy says:

    I wouldn't want to be around those ants even if they didn't bite.

  2. What's up with google today; it either tells me Service Unavailable but it this case "Your comment was published" before I had even written one!
    Perhaps it's been bitten by the ants on your stamp.

  3. viridian says:

    How cool to have a stamp from Qatar. I don't like ants either - especially in my house!!!

  4. I'd prefer to keep well out of their way too. :)

    I'm getting a lot of the Service Unavailable messages too. It seems to have been going on for a few days now.

  5. Marcie says:

    It seems that we are all getting a lot of the Service Unavailable messages. If you refresh the page it mostly works just fine.
    I don't mind the small ants we have in our forests here, but I would not want to cross paths with giant ones...

  6. VioletSky says:

    anything that has a 'giant' in its name, I would like to keep well away from!

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