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8 Responses to Postcard Friendship Friday 064: The colourful salwar kameez of Pakistan

  1. Snap says:

    Very colorful and looks like they are having fun! Happy PFF!

  2. Heather says:

    It looks like a very comfortable style of clothing. and I love the colour. I am a fan of orange.

  3. I love the card and its colours. As Heather says, the clothes look very comfortable.

  4. I like the bright coral color of their salwar. It sounds like 'salawal', or trousers in our vernacular.

  5. i love the bright colours on this card...and the extra details about the clothes were fascinating! happy PFF!

  6. I love this postcard. I didn't realize these garments were gathered at the ankle. What a bright and happy postcard. I loved reading this post--as Debs says, it's fascinating!

    Happy PFF!

  7. Clytie says:

    Definitely fascinating - I loved hearing about the details of the clothes and how they are worn. Most of all I love the colors of the fabrics and the sweet happiness on the faces of those wearing them.

    Happy PFF!

  8. minu dora says:

    I liked the card that you have posted in your blog. This is to the first time that I'm seeing a man wearing Salwar Kameez. I think this Salwar Kameez is more comfortable than any other dresses. You have made your postcard very attractive with a variety color. Thanks for sharing this.

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