Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sunday Stamps 02: Greek produce on FDC



stampbuttonb[5] I could

not believe I missed last week’s Postcard Friendship Friday and Sunday Stamps. Sorry folks, it’s tennis season once again – and I’ve been following my boy, Rafael Nadal’s matches at the Australian Open. He lost at the quarterfinals this week, too bad, but I hope he recovers soon and recovers very well for the clay season is just a few months away. We don’t want the King of Clay to get eliminated very early in the tournaments, do we?

Now enough of the tennis stuff, on to this week’s Sunday Stamps entry. I already featured this FDC here but I just want to post it again. It’s such a beautiful FDC so here it is:

Greek agri produce on stampsThis was sent by a fellow Postcrosser and now a good friend Nopi from Greece. It came together with an awesome 3D hologram postcard featuring the Tholos ruins. I was gushing like a teenager when I received them and hurried home to scan and post, forgetting that I was to buy

shoes womens, errr, I mean shoes for me

! Gah, even up to know I get so excited. I feel like I am not your typical woman because stamps and FDCs make me forget about shoes, and other girly stuffs for that matter, in a heartbeat. *lol*

Anyways, the FDC above features the products of Greece. Can you name  each of them? No Google, please, because the lucky commenter who gives the correct answers will get a nice, stamped and written Cambodian postcard from moi! Game? Goooooo!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

From Kauhava, with lots of purple and pink love!


I’ve been feeling really BAD about this site-blocking brouhaha in Cambodia.

Anyways, I do not want to be affected greatly by this so I am featuring a pretty postcard sent by a 17 year old girl from Finland named Mia. Beautiful name for a sweet girl. As you can see from the postcard, it did reflect her age and her personality:

I could actually hear my husband saying “it’s so girly” in my head, but yes, it is girly alright. And I like it. Don’t you just love the pink-purple colour combination? *Pardon the poor quality of the scanned postcard* It reminds me so much of ME when I was Mia’s age – all the preference for anything purple and pink, hearts and teddy bears, laces and everything cute. My friends and I boasted of personal creations mugs that were the rage of teenagers in the 90s! Did you have that phase before? I did, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. tee-hee-hee.

Mia lives in Kauhava, Finland, a province in Western Finland and part of the Ostrobothnia region. Currently, it has now have 18,000 inhabitants. It used to only have 8,000 inhabitants but in January 2009, the numbers increased when Kauhava was consolidated with


, Kortesjärvi, andYlihärmä.

Knife-making is a traditional industry in Kauhava and they are known to be the best knife-makers in the country. Puuko is a knife made in Kauhava known as the Ostrobothnian style.  Every year in June they celebrate this traditional industry by holding the Kauhava International Knife Festival that usually lasts for two days. The festivity includes, of course, a knife exhibition, knife making, and knife throwing. More information on this beautiful part of Finland can be found here.

*Update: Here is the stamp and postmarks which I will feature some other time. Notice the Hello Kitty sticker? One of my favourites back when I was younger :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Chobe National Park, Botswana




This is another postcard from Botswana from the same sender mentioned in my previous posts. Okay, ladies and gents, just pretend we are on a safari…  So take out  your bushnell binoculars and ready your cameras because here is an amazing wildlife postcard…

ChobeNP, BotswanaFrom left to right: Chacma babboon; Puku; White-fronted Bee-eater; Kudu; Hippo with calf; Lion; buffalo herd; Elephant herd.

The Chobe National Park is one of Botswana’s finest wildlife areas boasting large herds of elephant and buffalo as well as numerous other animal species in a wild, unspoilt habitat.


Long before my sister was assigned for a volunteer-position in Kenya, it was I who was nurturing an ambition to be the  first in my family to ever set foot in the African continent. As a development worker, it was one of my dreams to be working in any African countries. But as luck would have it, my sister beat me to it. Although a volunteer’s life is not comfortable all the time, it has given her the opportunity to see with her own two eyes the many wonderful places, ethnic tribes,  and wildlife animals in Kenya. 

Again, the stamps are the same as the previous Botswana postcards that I posted the past few days – the white-rumped Shama.

ChobeNP, Botswana stamps

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Stamps 01: Darna, a Filipino Superhero










This is my first time in Sunday Stamps and I thank Viridian for inviting me. I’m so excited about this as finally there is a meme about stamps!

For my very first entry, I’m featuring a stamp from my country. It is actually a first-day cover sent by Myron, from the Filatelia Filipinas blog.


On the left side shows the Filipino superheroes created by the prolific Mars Ravelo. On the right  shows Darna, arguably the most popular komiks superhero made by Mars Ravelo himself. Darna is the Filipino version of Wonder Woman; she appeared in Pilipino Komiks on May 13,1950 and has been around ever since I can remember.

Back in the late 80s I can still recall watching Darna movies in black and white when I was little and it never failed to amaze me even if I'd seen it over and over again. And who wouldn't be? She may be a fictional character but to any growing up kid back then, she was cool, tough, with great power from another planet, who came to earth manifesting through a girl named Narda. She was, and still is, my idol (at least the one in the komiks, and not the one in the movies ugh!).

When the Philippine Post issued stamps featuring Pinoy superheroes -- to celebrate the national stamp collecting month and, most especially, to honor the great achievers in Philippine art -- I got so excited. I've had the pleasure of seeing my favourite komiks characters on stamps and in effect, it brought out many pleasant childhood memories. Thank you, Myron, for the FDC =)

Here's an excerpt from *surprise-surprise* an online catalogue of international superheroes:

Darna has been around since 1950 (that makes her 60years old now!). According to the Manila Times "Darna is a cultural icon born at a time when the Philippines was struggling to come out of the devastation of the World War II. She served as a salve to a country looking for champion. " She has appeared in films, played by Rosa del Rosario, (Darna, 1951, plus Darna at ang Babaeng Lawin, 1952), Liza Moreno (Si Darna at ang babaeng impakta, 1963, plus Isputnik vs. Darna, 1963), Eva Montes (Darna at ang babaeng tuod, 1964), Gina Pareno (Si Darna at ang Planetman, 1969); Vilma Santos (Lipad, Darna, lipad, 1973, plus Darna at Ding, 1980), Brenda del Rio (Darna Kuno, 1979), and Nanette Medved (Darna, 1991). She was also the star of a 1977 TV series by Lorna Tolentino, a 1986 cartoon series by GMA 7, and a stage production by Ballerina Manila which starred Lisa Macuja. On April 4, 2005, the pilot episode of "Darna: The TV Series" aired on GMA-7 both in the Philippines and in Japan. Starring Angel Locsin as Darna, the series is the highest rated Filipino Prime-Time TV series.

What are Darna's natural abilities? Who are  her enemies? To know more about Darna, please click this link.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I’m a TBEr!


Say what?
That’s T-B-E. It means The Blogger Exchange. It’s a brainchild of MommyWilla of My Everday Life and other like-minded bloggers. It’s whole new world of Filipina bloggers, networking and learning from each other. Imagine if all the 100, err, make that 99 not counting  myself, visiting your blog in one day? That’s a huge traffic increase and your comment box will go crazy.

Although still in the early stages, we are excited about being its first members. And who wouldn’t be? You’ll meet new bloggers, exchange ideas for blog improvement, get involved in projects together, the list goes on… Here’s the badge. Later this weekend I’m going to create a page for TBE alone for easier hopping. For now, please click to see the other members.

Postcard Friendship Friday 024: Cheery holiday e-greetings from our favourite Muzunguitos!


Post card friday pffhtml

I am re-joining the Postcard Friendship Friday this week. This may be late already but I’m posting it anyway. I think this is one of the most creative greeting cards I’ve ever received.

e-card from Zaida and Isi It came from our friends Isi and Zaida, they’re a couple from Barcelona, Spain who are on their world cycling tour. Almost a year ago, they arrived in Cambodia and we hosted them  via for several days; I wished they could’ve stayed longer but they were having some visa problems at that time. WarmShowers is an organisation my husband joined in after he finished his cycling tour of Western Europe. It is an organisation, or a meeting place, if you like, for cycle tourists who are either traveling (guests), or, at home (hosts). The idea is that traveling cyclists contact hosts through the website and arrange to stay with them for a night or two in their own homes. Anyways, Isi and Zaida are now back in Europe, traversing the cold and snowy mountains of Italy, if I am not mistaken. Isi explains since they are far from supermarkets and bookstores to get some Christmas cards, they are sending e-cards instead since their hosts have allowed them free use of internet. Right now, in their latest email, both have decided to take their time before cycling towards home in Barcelona. You can find their adventures in their website, Africa, Asia y Europa en  bici.… 

They are both very, very nice, genuine people with ready smiles for every one. Isi is a very funny guy with a contagious enthusiasm, and Zaida, if you see Zaida in person you would be amazed at how strong this delicate-looking, reed-thin girl is! Her strength and stamina is awesome and she didn’t need to reach out for the 

most effective diet pills to lose and maintain her weight, unlike most of us. Go, girl, power! Vamos, poder femenino! Y buena suerte para usted y Isi.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Show me your six-packs, stripey!


This male zebra here must have undergone some good ab workouts and thus showing off his stripey abs to his rival! *lol* Okay, here’s what I’m talking about - another wildlife postcard from Botswana featuring one of my favourite wildlife animals:

Zebra, BotswanaThe information at the back of the postcard reveals one interesting fact about the zebras. During the mating season, male zebras fight over females. These sometimes fierce battles include rearing up on hind legs while trying to bite or kick their opponent. Now, you see the connection with the title, eh?

The zebras in the postcard are called the Burchell’s Zebra or the plains zebra, (Equus, Burchellii), or simply zebra to us laypeople. They are the most common type of zebra found in rich grasslands of Eastern and Southern Africa.  Wildlife experts describe them as being related to the horse because of their stocky build. They usually have white or cream coat with black stripes that continue down to the belly. Unlike the other zebra species, the Grévy and the rare Mountain zebras, the underside of the Burchell’s zebra’s belly is completely or mainly white. The mane is upright and striped to match its neck while the tail is also striped with a black tassle.

This postcard was sent from the Kuala Lumpur Airport with Malaysian stamps, of course:

Zebra, Botswana stamps Thank you, Fe, for the lovely postcards and stamp sheets you sent me.

Thursday, 13 January 2011




This postcard arrived in an envelope. It is in Russian, and there were no English translations or anything that describes what is shown in postcard. Any help, please?

RU_195403 While I appreciate the sender’s thought of sending it in an envelop to minimize damage, for me, a postcard that was sent in an envelope has lesser value compared to the stamped and written one. 

I do not know whether the building at the edge is a lighthouse or a house – I do not have a way of knowing - but the location provides the most breath-taking views! I also don’t know where in Russia is this place located but it sure looks very beautiful on a sunny day. I can’t imagine what the view looks like come wintertime.


Someday, when my husband and I do retire, we want to settle in a place something like this. Nothing fancy, just a comfortable house for us but with nature surrounding us. We are working hard to save enough and we try to do away with unnecessary stuffs like most people have – we don’t own a credit card or business credit card, fancy clothes,  jewelries, gadgets, etc. – so that we would be able to build our dream house, in our dream location.

These are the stamps that were used – they are awesome – but when I looked closer at the cancelation marks, it showed  no Russian postmarks but instead it bore Thai scripts with English translation bearing “Pathum Thani”.

RU_195403 stamps

Was the envelop sent from Thailand? Again, I don’t know; the sender didn’t offer any explanation, but if you look closer, you will see what I’m talking about. Just wondering ;P

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Postcard from Botswana, stamps from Malaysia


Two years ago, a friend of mine relocated to Gaborone, capital of Botswana. Just in December last year, they left Botswana to be based in China. She bought with several dozens of postcards from Botswana and, during a stopover at Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur Airports, she sent me several postcards. This explains the title. While also in Jo’burg, she gave me a surprised call and excitedly mentioned about this latest craze in herbal supplements displayed at the airport boutique; it’s made from a wonder plant found in somewhere in the deserts of Africa. Before I could ask her:  does hoodia really work? the line went dead. Oh well.

And these, my friends, are what I’m talking about:

Cheetah, Botswana 

Cheetahs are one of the main wildlife attractions in Botswana’s national parks. With a scientific name Acinonyx jubatus, cheetahs outside of protected areas in Botswana are shy, elusive, and difficult to see.  They can chase their prey for distances of up 400metres at a maximum speed of 7pkh making them the fastest land animal in the world.  Recent assessment reports published by several wildlife conservation groups in Botswana, however, reveal serious reductions in wildlife populations, including the cheetah. A deadly combination of overpopulation, destruction of wildlife’s natural habitat, illicit wildlife trade, and many other factors have contributed to the dwindling wildlife numbers.

Okay, now, on to the stamp:

Cheetah, Botswana with Malaysian stamps

Yes, you are looking at the right stamps; my friend used two 50sen definitive stamps featuring the white-rumped shama. It’s rich and melodious voice make it a popular breed for cage-birds enthusiasts in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It’s been said that the white-sumped shama can mimic the sounds of other birds.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Stealing 05: The First 2011 Alphabet Meme






Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Neil Turner from the blog Neil Turner’s Blog (duh). Neil is from Yorkshire, England. He said he stole it from Troy. But it was probably stolen from there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft’s thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The First 2011 Alphabet Meme

Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. A is for Age:

2. B is for Beer of Choice:  Singha Beer from Thailand

3. C is for Career: Development Worker

4. D is for favourite Drink: Water

5. E is for Essential item you use everyday: Toothbrush

6. F is for Favourite song at the moment:  I Heart Logistics commercial jingle

7. G is for favourite Game: Wii Tennis and Bowling, and CakeMania – a free downloadable game that comes in pre-installed in the toshiba laptop computers, at least in some of the units sold here in Phnom Penh
8. H is for Hometown: Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines

9. I is for Instruments you play: Never played any instrument. 

10. J is for favourite Juice: Buko (young coconut) juice

11. K is for kds: None

12. L is for Last kiss: Da Husband

13: M is for marriage: A partnership

14: N is for full Name: Sreisaat is enough

15. O is for Overnight hospital stays: Zilch.

16. P is for Phobias:  heights and closed spaces

17. Q is for quote: Life is what you make it.

18. R is for biggest Regret: That I did not pursue further academic studies.

19. S is for Sports: Tennis, Judo, and Gymnastics

20. T is for Time you wake up: On workdays, 6am-ish; weekends, 9am-ish.

21. U is colour of underwear: Colorful! *lol*

22. V is for Vegetable you love: Broccoli


23. W is for Worst Habit: Nail-biting, Manana Habit

24. X is for X-rays you’ve had: Less than a dozen times

25. Y is for Yummy food you make: My husband says the food I cook are always yummy. There you go.

26: Z is for Zodiac sign: Aries, the Ram

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday sunshine!


Yehey… it’s Saturday and I feel good. Although last night, I felt bad watching Rafael Nadal lose to Nikolay Davydenko for the second year in row, in the same ATP Doha tournament. I watched in utter disbelief, but, I am taking comfort in the fact that he and his doubles partner won the doubles championship. Yes, it’s a form of self-consolation, if ever such a phrase exist :P

As promised to my friends, I am now resuming my swapping activities. I have three to send today, although we already made arrangements about this in December. Here’s one of the covers I’m going to post today:

Preah Vihear FDC It’s an FDC of the Preah Vihear Temple on the day of its incription on the World Heritage List, 7 July 2008. This goes to the Philippines while two other covers will go to Wales and Finland. If only I could travel to these countries like my covers! Anyways, I hope they receive them with minimum damages.

After the usual trip to the Post Office, we will be heading to the computer shop to buy a new flash drive. Ever since getting my Wii console, I have been searching online to purchase more Wii games softwares and I need a new flash drive to store them all there and including back up copies of games that I already have. I very much enjoying playing Wii games. So after doing all the errands, my husband and I will head out to my friend for great food, fun company, and lots of trivia quiz the whole afternoon. You have probably encountered this friend of mine, she is also a Postcrosser, and you can find her blogging about her postcards at Postcrossing Mom –

How about you? What are your plans for the weekend?
Have a great weekend everyone. More blog posts in the coming weeks, too!

Images by Freepik