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7 Responses to Postcard Friendship Friday 057: I dream of picking blueberries in Finland

  1. I confess I didn't realise blueberries were quite such a big thing in Finland. It makes me want to visit even more. That is a really lovely card.

  2. Wow--I had no idea blueberries flourished in Finland! I love the birch basket, too. What a lovely postcard--and such a charming story to go along with it.

    Have a beautiful weekend, and Happy PFF!

  3. I had never considered Finland being big on blueberries! - Lovely card with a summery feel.

  4. Clytie says:

    We have several blueberry plants (Oregon USA) that grow really well in front of our house, and now I will be thinking of Finland and that gorgeous birch basket every time I pick some!

    Happy PFF!

  5. Thanks for stopping by Anglers Rest. I've been tracing my roots since 1986. When I started they didn't tell me it was addictive lol!

  6. Finland is a country with great books, fine cell phones, wooden saunas, and even wild blueberries too. It must become my next holiday destination.

  7. MrCachet says:

    I dream of picking blueberries period!

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