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7 Responses to Postcard Friendship Friday 040: In love with Laos

  1. Jogels says:

    wow I super like

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Beautiful gid siya 'ya if you see it with your own two eyes!

  3. Arlene says:

    The way you describe Laos makes me want to visit the place and in a traditional way.

    It's a beautiful card, Z!

  4. Wonderful card and your writing has conjured up some lovely pictures! You've really made me want to visit the country.

  5. Sreisaat says:

    @Arlene, I assure you, you will love Laos! Besides, you won't need a visa to go there.

    @Sheila, thank you for your compliment! The beauty of Laos is is truly inspiring :)

  6. Laos I think is the most quiet country in Asia. I don't heard to much from this country.
    and by the way, I like the idea of sending postcard to myself, maybe I should do that next time we go somewhere.

    My Postcard Friendship Friday

  7. Sreisaat says:

    @Postcard Perfect, that's because they are a communist country so everything is strictly regulated by the party. No information comes out without the blessing of its rulers. But still, it's a great place to spend your holidays.

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