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10 Responses to Postcard Perfect 018 : Le Chateau de Gruyeres

  1. Dorincard says:

    A castle with a view...Great! :0

    Yes, the postmark should be concordant/related to the stamp and postcard.
    When that is not possible, I personally have no problem with a zoomed-out (on a national level) concordance of place (any Cambodian postmark will do for your MC, but a local one would be preferable; or from a different Cambodian locality, but with a pictorial related design).
    Unlike FIP CfM, I allow postmarks that are not geographically concordant - I consider them "salutes/tributes/honoring" for the local subject.

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Dorin. I'll try to get the required postmarks, but if not, the national-level concordance should be fine :) I'll keep you updated.

  3. Dorincard says:

    The local Rapunzel better grow an extra long hair, to reach her alpinist prince from down under...from the steep valley.
    The rules of FIP CfM are NOT flexible. In fact...
    See here:

    Only MY rules are flexible - I am flexing them like my muscles :D :D :D.

    I say do what pleases YOU, unless you want to exhibit by THEIR rules.
    You da boss! :)

  4. That's what I call a Castle In the Sky, in every sense of the word! so beautiful!!!

  5. Just like PostcardPerfect said, a castle in the sky! Imagine living in a place like that with a lovely view every time you look out of the window. Just wow!

    Visiting via Postcard Perfect. Here's my entry: Kappa Malong-Malong

  6. Perfect!!!!!! as in perfect!
    visiting from PP..hope you can visit mine.. would also love to ex-lnk with you thru blogroll..

  7. No doubt! It's beautiful! God made all things beautiful, really! Happy to be here again. My PP Entry is here. Happy Postcrossing!

  8. Clarissa says:

    Stunning castle!It's really amazing and the view is wow!

    Happy PP!

  9. Cheerful says:

    wow Z, its really breathtaking...must be awesome to see that place! :) btw, thanks for introducing postcrossing to me, time flies so fast, i've been a member for more than 600 days now, yipee! i survive and still enjoying. :) have a great week.

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