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20 Responses to Postcard Friendship Friday 035: Feliz cumpleaños y felicitaciones!

  1. MrCachet says:

    Actually, that's a well composed card - the yellow sucks you right in!

  2. Snap says:

    Great card and a nice tribute on Nadal's birthday. Happy PFF!

  3. Sreisaat says:

    MrCachet, the shade of blue on the shirt actually complements well with the yellow, isn't it? I remember my print ad teacher in uni told us that if we want to grab attention of the readers, yellow is the colour to use.

    Snap, thanks. I'm such a fan-girl :)

  4. What would be really interesting would be to take out the racket and ball and just leave the fellow. I believe it would start a whole new dance craze!

  5. Ana says:

    Happy Birthday Rafa!!! Save us a piece of the cake please! :)

    I had to laugh at this post: "Roger #Federer: "I think it's Rafa's birthday today so I guess I made him a good present!" (since Rafa stays World number 1 for now)"....I wonder if there is sarcasm inside it :)))

    and thank you so much for mentioning me amiga and for sharing this are my favourite tennis/rafa partner...I must admit that watching tennis and cheering for Rafa has taken a new dimension coz of you...thank you very much for that!!

    im keeping fingers crossed for Sunday...boy, do I need to build up some extra nerves and nails..:)

  6. Sreisaat says:

    Tattered and Lost, that sounds like a fun dance move!

    Ana, with Rog, we will never know his intentions. It could be nice words coated with sarcasm to make him likable to the media. LOL. But amiga, the feeling is mutual and it's always a pleasure to watch Rafa's matches with you. I'm holding the torch that someday we will watch a live Rafa match together in the near future! I'm already excited!

  7. Dorincard says:

    Let's create some Rafa maximum cards, even with his autograph facsimile, if not the real one.
    Also, how many times do YOU visit, from Cambodia, my blog?
    How is this possible?
    "Statistics Summary for
    There are 1,533,719 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than About 42% of visitors to the site come from Cambodia, where it has attained a traffic rank of 2,419. Search engines refer roughly 4% of visits to the site, and has a relatively good traffic rank in the city of Woking (#658). Visitors to the site spend about two minutes per visit to the site and 88 seconds per pageview."

  8. I really have no idea about who he was,thanks to you now I do. :)

  9. Sreisaat says:

    Wow, Dorin, you have hordes of visitors from Cambodia! I think I visit at least twice a week (for the PFF and Sunday Stamps) but there must be lots of others, no? I see that you are using Alexa tools, too. Also, a Rafa maxicard sounds great to me! His signature can be found via his website Tell me more, I'm interested :D

  10. I don't really think Andy Murray is ever going to be Nadal's level but I have to cheer for my home-grown boy. :)

  11. Sreisaat says:

    Hi Sheila... of course, no question about that. I meant about your support for Andy :) Nadal lost his air of invincibility on clay court because of his two successive losses to the Serbian Djokovic prior to the Roland Garros, and Andy is really playing well despite his ankle-injury - that's why a lot of tennis observers are quite unsure about Nadal's chances in his semis match against Andy. Wimbledon is coming next, in two-three weeks time, and I'm excited. Are you?

  12. Sreisaat says:

    Willa, no problem. Masyado lang talaga akong fan-girl :)

  13. Funoldhag says:

    From an old woman who knows nothing about tennis, he's pretty nice eye candy!!

  14. I have friends who loves Tennis. I'm updated through a friend because she updates her status in Facebook. I know who win and lost the match.

    I love sending and receiving postcards. Mine is up - My PFF Entry. Thanks for sharing and Happy PFF!

  15. Lyneen says:

    Happy birthday Rafa! Nothing wrong with the love of tennis!!!!
    Happy PFF. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Mary says:

    Love tennis. Miss playing it.

  17. Sreisaat says:

    FunOldHag, he is an eye-candy! He models for Emporio Armani :)

    Hazelicious, I hope you don't get annoyed by your friends updates on FB.

    Lyneen, thank you. And you are right, nothing wrong with tennis love!

    Mary, I play a bit of tennis but am such a lousy player. However, it's a different matter when playing Wii tennis. I'm a pro :) hahaha

  18. Don't watch tennis but thoroughly enjoyed your post!

  19. jill says:

    He's so awesome. Tennis has always run in our family. I played for a while in my teens but I didn't really follow tennis until Rafa came along.

  20. Heather says:

    Love the expresion of concentration on his face.

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