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9 Responses to Postcard Friendship 038: Preah Vihear Temple, another Khmer architectural masterpiece

  1. Now the desire to visit Cambodia is getting stronger...thanks for this inspiring post. :)

  2. Awesome maxicard! I missed the Preah Vihear Temple when I went to Cambodia. :(

  3. Dorincard says:

    Thank you for starting maximaphily creation, at my suggestion.
    Have fun!
    Ask me anytime for support! :)
    At your post office:
    1 - try to get a courtesy postmark on that stamp, without mailing it.
    2 - if refused, then affix, if necessary, additional stamp(s) on the address side, then ask the clerk to carefully postmark (or they let YOU do it) all stamps, on both sides. Then mail it to you, or to me, or so.
    3 - if still refused, get the postmark on that stamp, then enclose the card in a transparent cover/bag, with a mailing address sticker. This way, the stamp and the written address are "on the same side" (even if on different layers).
    4 - if still refused, then add that address sticker directly on the front side of postcard - we can remove it later, somehow.
    5 - want more? If still refused, get a stamp on a transparent or white label of postcard size, get a postmark, and finally you could cut the postmarked stamp with a little margin and affix it at home, on the real postcard.


  4. Snap says:

    I'm fascinated by the Cambodian temples. Lovely! Happy PFF!

  5. This is a lovely postcard. I also enjoyed reading up on the history and background of this beautiful place. Thank you!

    Happy PFF!

  6. Well done on your maxicard! It's fantastic.

  7. What an amazing structure. It's very "alive."

  8. I told my sister who loves to travel that we should go to Cambodia and explore. I have never been to Cambodia and I think it's an interesting country. I want to try their cuisine too. It must be some perseverance and endurance to be able to build this temple in the mountain. I must say, good job for some hard work. Really hard work for this one.

    That's a nice postcard you got. My PFF Entry is up. Come visit me some time. Thanks!

  9. Why is cambodia is full of that great architecture, dynasty talaga ano ang dating ano

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