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11 Responses to Sunday Stamps 016: Oh, Holy Mother…

  1. I wondered whether anyone would pick this theme. I have some similar stamps from other countries. These look a bit too symbolic for me.

  2. Postcardy says:

    That is a pretty stamp and a fascinating story.

  3. Lisa B says:

    A lovely stamp and thanks for the pictures of the church too, wonderful architecture.

  4. I think this is a perfect choice for the theme. In France they have Mother's Day later in May, but it's in May because that is considered to be Mary's month.

  5. Sreisaat says:

    Hi Bob, as I've mentioned above, I don't have any stamps other than the one I posted here. As long as it fits the theme, then I think it's alright.

    Sheila, back in the Philippines, the month of May is Mary's month, and the flower month, too. So girls and boys in every town go to a special class dedicated to Mother Mary and as culmination, they get dressed in white with so many flowers and have a special mass with lots of singing in every village chapel (all bedecked in pretty flowers) in my city.

    Lisa and Postcardy, thanks for coming. I love stories like this and have always been fascinated by churches.

  6. I also have one stamp that shows the Virgin Mother, but it was like more Christmas nativity,so I decided to my china stamp instead.

    My Sunday Stamp

  7. Dorincard says:

    Nice stamp and post! :) Did you notice that most religious icons/painting show babies as miniature adults, instead of showing their rather big heads, as in reality? :)

  8. viridian says:

    Thanks for participating. Please do feel free to stretch the theme, or even do what you wish. Having a theme I hope will helpful in choosing stamps. this was a great stamp and story for a post.

  9. Sreisaat says:

    Hi Dorin - what an interesting observation. I hadn't notice that. Now I know what to look for when looking at religious stamps. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Viridian, thank you. After all and all, it's all about our own personal interpretation, which is very subjective.

    Postcard Perfect, I like your China stamp. The same one I have I could not find anymore but I have it in my list. It all depends on how you interpret a theme and there is no right or wrong interpretation. Thank you for visiting!

  10. Joy says:

    I like the yellow of the stamp, somehow looks more realistic. Interesting history.

  11. Ana says:

    Great post amiga....great info you've gathered again...and a great choice of a stamp..i like your relation of it to Mother's Day :)
    Here Mother's Day is celebrated on 8th March...but actually it is more like Women's Day, it is not related to Mother's only...

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