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6 Responses to Postcard Perfect 010: Enticing Estonia

  1. Tsang says:

    This is one lovely place. I love the post postcard, ganda ng view

  2. I only have two postcard from Estonia and it's the reason why I discover that this country exist, lol! My geography knowledge is very limited.When I first heard of the country name, akala ko it is located somewhere in African continent, of course,Wikipedia proved me wrong dahil nasa Europe pala ito, lol!
    Thanks to Postcrossing dami kong natututunan about other country.

    I'm glad you like the new badge.Thanks!

  3. Sreisaat says:

    Tama ka, MommyWilla... Ako rin naman I learned a lot from Postcrossing. I think this is one of the fun ways to learn hihihi.
    Yes, that badge is cute! Thank you.

  4. Estonia is a beautiful country as I look at the postcard. Europe is definitely a must visit continent. Rich in history and culture. Awesome! Mine is up - PP Entry.

  5. Lovely card. I like seeing all the seasons and all those views of the beauty of the country in one card.

  6. Cheerful says:

    lovely card, must be very relaxing to see places like this, kahit sa postcards lang, hehehe! i have few from estonia at ang ganda talaga! anyway, sorry for super late visit...have a great weekend! :)

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