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5 Responses to Postcard Perfect 009: Will you marry me?

  1. What a beautiful postcard and the ring is nice too. I think I also want an engagement ring with my birth stone, lucky for me,my birthstone is Diamond, :D

    Btw sis,you're not late yet, as I always published Postcard Perfect every Wednesday, my local time. :)

  2. Arlene says:

    Ohhh sweet! Such a sweet card.

    Though am already old but still i wish someone will propose to me :D Bahala na hindi diamond ang ring and it must be at some romantic atmosphere. lol! it's free to make a wish anytime. right?

  3. tsang says:

    The ring is stunning., visiting from postcard perfect

  4. Sreisaat says:

    Lucky you, Willa!

    Arlene, wish lang ng wish... who knows, Mr. Right will come down knocking at your door with a ring and a proposal :D

    Tsang, thanks for visiting. I would have loved to have that ring on my finger... stunning, indeed.

  5. Cheerful says:

    wow, that's a nice card, ring's lovely! anyway, ang ganda ng stamp, parang daisy din. have a great week Z. sorry late visit! :)

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