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5 Responses to Sunday Stamps oo6: Customized stamps

  1. Joy says:

    Yes I'm rather envious of having your own hand cancels as well, I'd be in stamp heaven if I had a postmark permit.

  2. Never mind the stamp, Snail Mail made it for me!

  3. Postcardy says:

    I like the mailer's postmark better than the custom postage.

  4. viridian says:

    I like it all! Having one's own hand cancel would be heaven indeed. I didn't see the "Par escargot" right away - that is hilarious.
    thank you for participating.

  5. Dorincard says:

    Great post!
    In my blog and my other websites, you can see that I used my Mailer's Postmark Permit since 2005!
    You could even obtain from an American friend of mine a fake one, with some Cambodian text and imagery, if you REALLY want, as a cool, unofficial addition to your Cambodian outgoing mail.
    Same goes for any other country.
    Contact me for details.

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