Wednesday, 16 February 2011



I just want to share this cute story about me and my doggie Joe.
Last Saturday we organised a BBQ lunch for friends here in Phnom Penh. There was no particular reason -  it’s one of those “just because” kind of things we thought of doing for the new year. Isn’t it nice to have friends to come to over to your house “just because”? When food and wine are at stake, it is never difficult to make friends come over! *lol*

Seriously, my husband and I wanted to do this because we’ve already been invited to our friends’ houses many times and we felt that it is about time we do it at home. Of course we had to tidy the house a little bit, changed our curtains and checked our faulty pendant lighting fixtures. Then I remembered an incident that happened before the New Year. My husband doesn’t speak the Khmer language while mine’s a bit rusty, so every time we need something from the shops that we don’t know in the Khmer language, we take photos of these items. That time, we took a picture of the broken light bulbs. In order to do that, my  husband climbed while I supported the ladder. For some reason, my dog Joe, followed behind me and the next thing I know he was standing on his hind legs and stretched front legs and paws to support me.

This is how we looked like; thanks to my husband’s quick thinking, we have this photo to show friends what a mighty great dog our Joe is:

What a sweet-sweet Joe. This is a great photo that could be used as a  greeting card or something, don’t you think so, too?


  1. i really think its a great photo of the family, max is just missing...labas pa talaga dila ni joe, hehehe! very cute! pa-print mo Z...isama mo sa magandang photo collection nyo! :)


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