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4 Responses to Oooopsie!

  1. Arlene says:

    i love your new header! =) i wish i can find a header na pwede ko palitan ang picture.

    i got the 2nd card yesterday. Thank you so much! Can't wait to get more. hehehe

  2. Sam Finds says:

    Which reminds me, kainin ko nga pala yung bigay din na mango sakin. Baka mabulok pa hahaha!!!

  3. sorry to hear about the disgraced garage and car, but the green mango shakes and salad sound delish!

  4. Sreisaat says:

    FF, my husband told me that the mango had been paid. *lol* I wish I could send you a bowl of mango salad. It's really refreshing, great for summer.

    Sam, sayang di ba? Kaya eat na lang ng eat. In season na kasi e.

    Arlene, there are no templates but there are bits and pieces you can download for free. Assemble mo na lang ito using PhotoShop and voila - my new header! hihihi

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