Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bali, Indonesia

I have always been fascinated by Indonesian culture since I was in grade school. I was especially drawn to the touristic town of Bali… where life in charming villages is slow  but prosperous; where active volcanoes are tucked amidst the lush green ricelands and the beaches are among the best in the world.

Who wouldn’t be fascinated by the sight of pretty Indonesian women garbed in colourful traditional clothes,  perilously balancing on their heads a basketful of fruits for offerings as they troop Purah Besakih? Located at the foot of the mighty Mount Agung, Purak Besakih is one of the most important Hindu temples in Bali, a complex if you like with puras or temples scattered all over the place.

   Or, the highly intense kecak, a kind of monkey dance performed only by males and is most recognisable through the chak-chak chants they sing while sitting around a fire?

The Balinese culture and people interest me tremendously. In one of the shows at the National Geographic Channel, they featured the Balinese cycle of life. It showed how the different stages of life is celebrated with oh-so-elaborate ceremonies and rituals. What caught my attention was how funeral ceremonies and rituals are being strictly observed. Most notably, the cremation has the most spectacular, colourful and unbelievably long and noisy event. Talking about sending someone to the other world with a big bang! Imagine what kind of funeral planning that transpires within family members and community folks to ensure  that the  elaborate rituals and ceremonies are conducted worthy of a traditional Balinese burial?

Ooops, I got carried away again. All I wanted today is to post these two postcards from Indonesia that I saw tucked in one of my notebooks. I remember receiving this last year – so my apologies to the sender, Nina, for not posting them right away. I promise each postcard will have its own post in the coming weeks.


  1. wow, Z ang ganda ng postcards and thanks for those info about bali...happy postcrossing! :)

  2. Japan lang at China ang na re received ko before na galing Asia, usually Europe.
    Btw, Postcard Perfect badge is up for grab! :)

  3. Willa, would you like a postcard from Cambodia?

  4. yay! the header is up! Next destination ko Bali. Hopefully next year =D


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