Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pardon my absence...

Things were very hectic at the homefront since last year that I have found myself in semi-hibernation from the blogosphere. To those who I promised to send postcards and other stuffs, please accept my sincere apologies for not sending them yet. By the end of the holiday season, I allowed myself to be tossed and turned by the tides of procrastination, and, before I knew it... thirty-one days have already passed since we ushered 2010 and here I am still slacking off. I am, after all, only human. I know this is not a good excuse, but most of the times I find it hard to get a lot of work done when it is just so easy to wallow in idleness. 

So today I am breaking this semi-hibernation thing. I vowed to catch up with the rest of you guys, update more frequently, and most of all, resume postcard swaps =) Just a request to those who want to trade postcards directly, please don't leave your messages on the chat box. Send me email at postcardsxing-at-yahoo-dot-com. Also, to those who have long been waiting for some stuffs from me, especially Sarah R, I shall be sending it soon. Pardon the HUGE delay.

So what made me snap out of this blogging/postcard swapping funk? Let me share you this photo of my niece I found while browsing through my old blog posts. 

The look on Beebop's face is totally priceless and it is more than enough to convince me to pick up the blogging slack! *lol* Poor girl, she must have been traumatized by Peter Star(fish).

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, I now have my own domain name! *grins* Kindly change your links to Having my own domain name will motivate me more to blog regularly. But in between the transition, I have inadvertently lost my blog links and blog followers. I am so sorry. I am putting the links back, and as you can see, the list is not complete yet, so, I am asking for your help. Kindly leave your blog inks in the comment section so I could put them all back in, and, update my blog link in your list so that the blog followers list will appear again. Many thanks.

Images by Freepik