Saturday, 29 November 2008

Private Swap Message#2: Luca, Italy

privateswap #2

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Private Swap Message#1: Roberta, Italy

Immediately after signing in at Postcrossing, I received my first request for a private swap. Roberta, is a 35 year-old woman who lives in Faenza, Italy. Here's her message:

privateswap #1

Monday, 24 November 2008

Postcrosser in the house!

In this age of modern information and communication technologies, such as Internet, emails, sms, there remains a group of people out there who still send mails, greeting cards and postcards the old-fashioned way. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving them, postmarked or stamped, and with a note hand-written by the sender.

That is why when I learned that my blogger-friend Redlan loves to collect postcards, I sent him a couple right away. He immediately posted in his blog the two postcards I sent him :) It is a hobby of his to collect postcards, and he's a very serious one at that. Not before long after that, he joined Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is like a modern-day version of pen-pals where members send postcards to other members and receive, in return. But instead of sending to one person back and forth, you send to different individuals, and, in the process, developing an understanding of one's cultural likenesses (and also differences) while building friendship.

So thanks to Redlan, I got hooked in the idea and joined Postcrossing recently. I already sent 5 postcards to 5 different addresses - 2 in Finland and one each in Germany, New Zealand, and USA. Since one of the 5 postcards was already received, that puts me now in the receivers list. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, I also received two postcards from two members who requested for private swap. As of yesterday, I now have a total of 6 (new) requests for private swap from Spain, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Portugal and Malaysia. So far I am finding it fun and exciting as the anticipation for that one postcard to arrive slowly builds.

Postcrossing is one excellent site for postcard-junkies to send, and receive, postcards via snail mail. So this is why this blog is created, to record the postcards I have sent and received along the way.

I am sharing them all to you.
Come have a look, leave a comment.
Who knows, you might get convinced to join us at Postcrossing, too.
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